Keiran Moore

Right... I think I understand now.


Class: Fighter

Age: 23

HP: 45

STR: 10

DEX: 17

CON: 12

INT: 9

WIS: 10

CHA: 11


Keiran Moore descends from a proud family. The House of Moore once ranked among the nobility in the northeastern kingdom of Kernainn and produced generations of prestigious military officials, the latest being Keiran’s elder brother. In keeping with tradition, Keiran entered an elite swordsmanship academy at the age of fifteen where he excelled at his art, but often failed to apply himself to more academic pursuits. He had a promising career in the king’s guard ahead of him. When Keiran was seventeen, his brother suddenly deserted the military in favour of pursuing a career as a bard, bringing disgrace upon the House of Moore. Keiran was consequently expelled from the academy and cast out of his social circle.

Not wanting to live the rest of his life in disgrace, Keiran left his homeland and began traveling, taking on mercenary work when he ran out of money. Eventually he sailed to Dapreeva which is where he currently resides. He doesn’t like it there, as it is very hot and sunny, but can’t afford to board a ship headed back north.

Keiran Moore

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