• Humans, elves and half-elves coexist peacefully.
  • Dopplegangers have mysterious origins but are known to exist throut the Farlands. Used primarily as spies, assassins, etc due to their incredible shape-shifting abilities. The care not for social interaction.
  • Dwarves are nomadic, moving from place to place until they find good paying work. Being tough they favor manual labor and, therefore, many dwarves are sailors, lumberjacks, miners, etc.
  • Drows are a bit split; some live in cities and some are nomadic, like dwarves.
  • Halflings and Gnomes tend to stay to themselves, forming towns and villages in deep woods.
  • Half-orcs can found just about everywhere, trying to fit in where they can, attempting to escape the bad example their more violent cousins give them.
    (Orcs in Dapreeva were given a huge amount of land a long time ago as part of a peace treaty. They still attack anyone within their territory.)
  • Most races of reptilian origin can no longer be found in Dapreeva. A massive religious trek took place about half a decade ago. 90% of Lizardfolk, Kobolds, etc have migrated North (through the desert) to Rhons.
  • Ogres are stupid.


  • What little is known of the nation’s population is that it is mostly humans.
  • It can be assumed that any races that supported the Rhons during the Great Dividing have descendants here.
  • Probably a good deal of the reptilian races that migrated there.

Anything else I either have nothing planned for or just forgot. If you have another race in mind just ask me and I’ll tell you.


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