This section contains information about how the game will be played, including house rules.

First off, I need to emphasize that this campaign will have a strong focus on time. That is to say, if you guys take a game-month to do something, the result will be different than if you took a game-week.

On that note, though I have things planned for you guys to deal with, I am creating the game in a non-linear style. YOU will decide how to complete tasks and quests given to you. Based on your decisions, I will edit the storyline respectively.

House rules

  • This isn’t a rule as much as a clarification. The percentile die works in this manner: on the tens 00 = 0; on the ones 0 = 10. This is the only way to be able to roll from 1 to 100%. (ex: 90+0=100 or 00+5=5)
  • Trail rations are the bare minimum of food. Though you can survive on it, most people (except elves for example) need a little more. Therefore, adventurers who eat nothing but trail rations for three days get a morale penalty. Eating an actual meal gets rid of this penalty.

    This is simply to make the game feel a bit more real, and to open up the possibility of hunting/scavenging. Animals can feed 1 person per hitdie.


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