Cities and Towns

  • Arcanium: The HQ of all that is Arcane. It is near impossible to get inside the city without magical assistance as it floats a mile above the ground. It floats around at random (approximately 1 mile per day) usually staying in a temperate zone. Other than its distance from the ground, it is also home to many schools, libraries, and citizens who are dedicated to the arcane art.
  • Brene: This city is more an enormous military base than a city, housing at least half of Dapreeva’s armed forces. It is located in the center of the nation, to allow quick retaliation to any corner of the kingdom.
  • Dareshtesh: The city where the King of Dapreeva lives. It is very far South, where it tends to snow most of the year.
  • Farrendale: A large city close to the desert. Troops have been sent to defend it from imminent attacks. However, news has spread of the cities seige…
  • Midlar: A medium-sized city between the desert and Brene. One of the first cities to be attacked by Rhonian troops. The fighting that is occorring here can be heard for miles.
  • Sandej Villages: Group of close-knit villages located in the North-East of Dapreeva, near the Endless Desert and the Sleeping Mountains. Many living here were subject to attacks from monsters and bandits living in the mountains and had to find ways to defend themselves.
  • Swampview: A small village just bellow the Bristlewood Marsh. It’s children had recently been dissappearring, wanderring into the woods in the middle of the night. This was discoverred to be due to a green hag and a doppleganger, charming the children to their cabin like some sort of fairy tale, only to fatten them up and eat them. Thankfully, this has been taken care of.
  • Swiftwater Port: It is a small town at the edge of the Hook Gulf, closest to the city of Brene. Due to the war, most large ships have been commandeered by the army.

Notable Terrain

  • Bristlewood Marsh: North of Berene is an area often subject to flooding due to its location between the point of the Hook Gulf and the Rushwater Gulf.
  • Endless Desert: This immense desert forms a natural barrier between the two nations. It has probably been the only thing preventing constant warfare for the past decades. However, it seems that recently, Rhonian troops have been finding a way to cross it with ease.
    p. Though there are many small villages in the desert, very few are known. Those that are tend to border the desert. People residing in the desert tend to worship the sun god, Pelor. To them, living under the desert sun is living under Pelor’s loving gaze.
  • Sleeping Mountains: One of the many mountain ranges which borders the Endless Desert. These mountains are home to fouler things than simple monsters and bandits.
  • Orcus Peninsula: This peninsula, located to the farthest South-West of Dapreeva, was given to orcs as part of a peace treaty. Orcs have complete control over this land and attack any trespassers without hesitation. It is, however, still considered part of the kingdom.


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