Name: Reed

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Druid? I would love him to be a Ghostwalker, because that would be badass and he’d be able to walk through walls which would be amazing, but it seems to exist only in 3.0. :(


Reed is sixteen and looks a bit sickly (his dark hair and wan complexion don’t help); you might wonder why he’d ever want to join a group of adventurers. As he talks, he flicks his fingers together and you notice he is very twitchy, always pulling his sleeves down over his knuckles. However, he is well spoken and polite. You might notice his hands are a bit sooty, probably from summoning marshlights.

Reed comes from the swampy marshlands near Rushwater Gulf. Since the age of ten, he worked for a horse trader by the name of PanKaisa Renfold. Kaisa, a middle-aged halfling woman of exuberant taste, broadswoard, bossiness, and booming laugh, was his employer for seven years. Reed, with his good sense of the wild and his understanding of life and death, was a useful helper as she traveled with large strings of horses. Only a few months ago, however, the two were attacked in the wilds.


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